I live in one of the most beautiful places in Australia – according to ME. I have a job I love (most of the time), 3 beautiful girls, who are old enough now to be independent…but still need their Mummy. #1 is nearly 21, lives with BF, #2 is nearly 18, saving hard for a gap year in the UK and # 3 is 14, loves One Direction and the Hunger Games. Hubby and I have been married 21 years and I don’t know what I would do with out him.

I spend far too much time on the computer – often pretending to work, so when all my words with friend’s games are played and the gossip and news of the world read, I will BLOG.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Wedding Photos

Today I am going the the bride and groom's to show them the photos of the wedding, the bride is unaware of the tragedy that occurred with the loss of my photos - I will tell her after she sees what I have got.  I think she will be happy. The groom knows, I work with him everyday and it is very hard for me to keep secrets. 
Bride was starting to get worried when I wanted to deliver the photos rather than email or Dropbox. My reason for hand delivery is more selfish than the 'tragedy'....I want to 'see' if she likes them. It is all good to be told but it is nicer to see the reactions. A few more images from the day....I am not telling the B&G which photos are mine or which ones are RaRa's. I am not going to say here either, RaRa and I will be the only ones.

I am thinking about creating a website/facebook group and maybe get paid for my work....the jury is still out ***mainly coz I can't think of a name or I start doubting my ability, I also worry too much about what other people think***

A funny thing happened the other night - HWMBO was standing behind me when I was on Facebook - I didn't know he was there, I was looking at a photo one of my school friends had taken with her mobile phone. He said, 'the horizon is crooked'....I am obviously rubbing off on him as I often have a sloping horizon in my photos that I have to correct before posting. 

I also had to restrain myself for commenting on the Brisbane Lions FB page, the post was the behind the scenes of the official photo shoot, when I first saw this photo I cringed and wished I was the official photographer -  I would have made the backdrop higher or created another pose for Mathew Leuenberger... I am getting a bit picky now.

More photos of the wedding after I have show the B&G. I hope they are happy.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Still raining or is it raining again

Once again the weekend was wet, it looks like the whole week is going to be wet again, as severe weather warnings have been issued. Possible flash flooding and high seas. I am a bit over it, even our duck is looking a bit put out with being wet all the time. Lilly (our golden retriever) is getting bored - she doesn't like to be wet so she wont go outside, a bored puppy can only mean one thing....mess. She has destroyed 2 of her squeaky toys this week... pulling out all the stuffing  because she likes to play with the squeaker. ***note to self, buy toys with out squeakers***

Pre stuffing removal , before the rain

The advantage of a wet weekend was I spent a lot of time working on the wedding photos, I allowed myself a few days of sulking (if you saw my previous post you will understand http://rozzy35.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/the-rain-and-pain.html) I am happy with the photos and if the Bride is not, well she is too hard to please.

I will share a few today, I haven't finished yet - although I am now under pressure to have them all done by Thursday. I was going to Dropbox the photos to the bride, then I decided I wanted to see her face as she looked at them for the first time. I need to know she is happy so I will hand deliver a disk after work Thursday.

This is the first photo I edited - I wanted it for my 52 week challenge - The idea is to post a photo taken each week on Flickr, with all this rain I am struggling to get photos.

There is so many photos to chose from, I am going to let the bride pick her favorites, this is a selection of what I have processed so far. I had a scan through Ra Ra's photos, we have got all the main moments. Thank goodness, this wedding work is a lot of hard work, the bride and groom were great happy to do what ever was asked, the family were a lot harder to control. couldn't get them to look the same way for a photo, hard to get them to smile. Even the bridesmaid refused to smile most of the time. 

Live and learn, if I ever do another wedding a few things will happen - I will charge *** even a nominal fee***, this way my time will be important to the family, I will not waste my time on those who don't want to smile or even get their photo taken, if the family don't want photos with the Bride and Groom I will not wait for the squabbles to settle I will walk away.

AND most importantly, I will check my files before formatting the card in my camera - this I will do ever time now. Just because it is a new card doesn't mean it is not faulty.

the men in the rain

For the groom....Carlton garter belt

Mother and daughter 

All ready to go

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Rain and the Pain

I have not been very proactive with the blog in the last few weeks, I will make all sorts of excuses but the main reason is I have been either too busy or too tired and flat.

Work this year is busier than any other year, they have changed the playing conditions, forcing me to work more nights and weekends including over night some Sundays....it is not just me, I will share the work with my colleague and we will have a crew of staff to work with us.....it still sucks that I will miss out on weekends with my family. 

It is only Tuesday and I seriously want this week to be over, it is the first week of University so I am getting inundated with questions from the first years....where do I get my student card, how do I pay my fees, I don't know where I should be, where is the  bus stop, where is the toilet....I can't find my friend and my favorite "where do I eat my lunch". I try and be understanding, I know every time someone asks me a question it is the first time they have asked.....but it is my hundredth for the day. This is the pain of Orientations, most of these students are so overwhelmed, high school doesn't prepare them for uni no matter what they think. 2 of my daughters have finished high school, one did 18 mths of Uni before it became too much (she told me today she only stayed that long so she didn't let me down - she has worked for 18 mths and today started Uni again phew) While the girls were at school, they had to report to class, ask permission to go to the toilet, sit in the right area to have lunch and follow the school rules - which is OK and I believe in rules and structure.....but it in no way prepares the teenagers for University life (or the real world). At Uni no one cares if you are late/don't turn up/need to go to the toilet/have your lunch at 3pm or even if you do the work. While there is people to help if you want to succeed, they are not going to care if you don't. This is very confusing to new students - especially the young ones who have been told what to do and when to do it all their lives.


I am over the rain....normally I don't complain about the rain (I save the complaining for the lack of rain) however I am getting web feet and fungus is growing in my plants. 

And it ruined my photo plans last weekend, my colleague got married, with the help of Ra Ra I did the wedding photos - for free, we didn't get the planned out door photos - no beautiful sunset...I did get some beautiful shots at the venue, http://glengariff.com.au/jsp/Default.jsf which I would recommend to anyone wanting a small wedding.

The worst thing happened to me as a photographer....I lost the photos of the ceremony and the family shots.....there was an error on my disk when I transferred the files...when I skipped this error the transfer stopped. I assumed that it had finished so followed my normal procedure and formatted my card.....BIG mistake HUGE...I didn't check the photos before formatting the  card. I wiped the photos, no recovery...I tried all sorts of programs...I took it to a photo lab...but nothing NADA ZIP all gone. Lucky Ra Ra got some of the shots I wanted, so the bride and groom will be happy and have most of the shots they wanted (I am also hoping the awesome ones I have will make up for the loss). I am very glad I was not getting paid, this was my first wedding and I learnt a lot. I have not edited any photos yet....too busy sulking because of my stupidity. Tonight I will work on at least on to add to the 52 week group.

Here is a few photos I have taken recently 

Daughter #2 and the Raging Torrent both have Unicorn oneies so we frolicked in the pine forest one day

Then it got burnt.....

I had an early morning photography session with a few friends and these are a few of my favorites from the day

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I miss you Dad

It is one year today since my father died of lung cancer, not a day goes by that I don't think about him. I still reach for the phone to ask him something or to tell him a bad joke I know he will appreciate and share.

My Dad and I had a very rocky relationship when I was growing up, I always seemed to be the one who rubbed him the wrong way...***and him me*** At the time I thought it was the middle child syndrome, especially as my younger sibling is the much wanted boy. (There is 5 years between me and the golden child). While this is part of the  reason, the main reason we did not get on is because we were too much alike. Both very stubborn and determined. 

I am forever grateful I became friends with my father, after not speaking to him for about 10 years, my darling husband forced me too, using the kids as blackmail. After a slow start we worked it out, the girls had a good relationship with their Grandpa (Grumpy) when they were together there would often be shouts of "ohhhh GRANDPAAAAA" when he did something silly. It may be wrong of me to say this, but he was a much better Grandfather than he was father.

He was forever the joker, to the point of being annoying at times, not knowing when to stop. He loved a good joke and was often so straight faced it was hard to tell if he was serious. I learnt to read the signs - funny because Mum never could - man they used to argue, they would go on for days. Both thinking they were the wronged party. Mum would ring me and bitch, then Dad would ring and bitch....it would often end with me telling them both to grow up and be the parents - I had my own kids I didn't need them to behave worse. This would work for a few months. 

On of Dad's favorite things was to answer the question 'How are you Bob' with not bad for a Tuesday - no matter what day of the week it was. We all knew he was joking but it caused a few problems in hospital, there were concerns for his mental health. Looking back now his silly comments and playful yet annoying antics were the way he copped with his lack of mobility, he kept himself amused this way.

He did not a cancer for long, the doctors first found a small spot on his lung during a routine test for emphysema (Dad smoked from the age of 12) a few weeks a radiation and he was given the all clear, this was in July 2011. In November he had a fall - very common with Dad and he hurt his hip, a trip to the hospital and he was told it was muscle damage it will get better soon, take it easy. After a few weeks of pain he went to another hospital where they did more tests. The cancer had moved from his lungs to his spine - the pain was radiating to his hip. Another 2 weeks in hospital and more radiation and he was home for Christmas. Mum asked me to bring my camera as she wanted a photo of all the family together....this is the hardest thing in the world to do...how do you get 6 teenagers and 3 men to pose for a photo and look nice. It was even worse as I had to be in the shot too. No good photos of the family - although enough to keep Mum happy. I did however get a great photo of Dad, for once he was not waving his hands trying to ruin the photo (I was a bit sneaky, I set my camera on the tripod and used the remote shutter release. I was on the other side of the room when this photo was taken).

Unfortunately Dad was back in hospital on New Years Eve, his respiratory system was shutting down. Amazingly he pulled though, the doctors were surprised at his will to live, the cancer has now spread all over his body and it was just a matter of time. For a few weeks he was doing really well, the morphine was relaxing his lungs making breathing easier...the morphine also made him very silly. The nurses had to take the bed controls of him as he would play with the bed, once taking it so high it jammed against the wall. He would try and get new staff and visitors to give him the control...this became as much of a joke as the playing did. 

It is very hard to watch someone you love die, days and weeks sitting in the hospital, just waiting. On the day he died he waiting until we had all gone then just stopped breathing. It was peaceful at the end the nurse told us. I hope so.

I miss you dad, I still talk to you, I make up your answers and listen to you laugh in my head. I like to think of you with your brothers, counting cars and watching out for your family.

If you smoke. STOP  I know it is hard, I have done it. But for the love of your family don't let any one have to watch you die of lung cancer. 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I did it again

I won January's challenge in our Flickr group, it was supposed to be an easy one to start the year - sunrise/sunset....but wouldn't you know it there was crappy sunsets - I never got up early for a sunrise (I tried it once and didn't like it much). Before the challenge had be posted I had decided I would start taking photos of the Glasshouse Mountains, I want to get shots that are not common and not taken from the same spot every time. I had a great shot of Mount Tibrogargan at sunset....but I posted to the group the week before the challenge was set.

Mount Tibrogargan

I tried a few spots at a few different times and was a bit nonplussed with my results. After being sick for a few weeks and then the rain came, I was feeling the pressure to get a photo in so I looked at the ones I was not that happy with. HWMBO stood over my shoulder and pointed at one and said that's the one to use. So I tweaked the colours - mainly lightning the foreground. I liked the photo enough to use as my cover pic on Facebook so did a lot of my friends it turns out, when I announced that it had won...no one but me seemed surprised.

The prize 'A sight boost to my self esteem'.... that's the official prize, for me it is a large boost. This is the winning photo and another few I have taken this year. I will not give up on my mission to get some good and different shots of my mountains.

Winning photo Mount Coonowrin and Mount Beerwah

Mount Coonawrin 

Mount Nugungun